Crash Cushions

Crash Cushions are generally used for median road asset protection. They are designed to absorb energy from end impacts and minimise harm to occupants of impacting vehicles. These are typically found around bridge piers and on approach ends of rigid barrier systems.

The most common types of roadside crash cushions utilised within the Western Australian landscape are:

  • TAU II crash cushion
  • Quadguard system
  • TRACC system.

These Crash Cushion products have been tested to meet the rigorous Test Level requirements of NCHRP 350 which most road authorities have adopted in their barrier specifications around Australia.

Safety Barriers WA have installed all types of Crash Cushions around Western Australia and were the first to install the Bullnose Attenuator (otherwise known as the “Minnesota Bullnose”) in WA on Mandurah Entrance Rd! So why compromise on safety? Insist on Safety Barriers WA for your next project.

TRACC Crash Cushion

QuadGuard Crash Cushion

TAU II Crash Cushion

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